Troy Andrews is better known by his childhood nickname, Trombone Shorty, that he picked up playing music on the streets of New Orleans. With charisma, chops and musical drive, he is today’s pick in our 20 Black Voices for The New Century.

Shorty is another artist moving the music forward by keeping tradition alive. In his case it is the New Orleans Brass Band tradition. Born in the Treme neighborhood, made famous by the HBO series, he has always played his signature trombone and trumpet. Since 2005 he has been performing all over the globe with his band Orleans Ave, making his latest record Say That To Say This with Raphael Saadiq. He has guested on records by everyone from Zac Brown to Cee Lo Green. Troy recently formed The Trombone Shorty Foundation that mentors New Orleans high school students in cooperation with Tulane University.

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