Buddy Guy tells NPR Music that he’s worried about the current state of the blues, and the loss of the music in the future. He is unsure about the potential potency of blues in culture and laments the effect it might have on music past and present. saying things like:

“I worry about the future of blues music whether you are black or white. If they don’t hear it like I did and listen to it and don’t know about it”

“Now, the young people don’t know nothing about it unless — I know satellite [radio] do play blues, but we need more than that. I tell everybody I would love to hear Muddy Waters twice a week. I’m not telling you to play him all day, all night; just play him. Let the young people know where it all started.”

He also however, speaks on the power of blues as a life force, and as something that can be held on to in the best and worst times. For Buddy the Blues is more than just music it is his way of life.

“Just listen to what I’m sayin’: Just keep livin’. Even if you get in the middle of the expressway and your car quit runnin’, you got blues. The blues comes in all denominations, man. It comes with your family, with your lover, with your friend. And I had some good friends until I loaned them a lot of money; then I lost them. [Laughs.] I’ve got a piece of paper in my club, “You loan your friend your money, you finna lose your money and your friend.“’

To read more check out the article NPR Music below, and listen to Buddy Guy’s new album Born to Play Guitar out now!

Buddy Guy: ‘I Worry About The Future Of Blues Music’