imageWe asked blogger Frank Yang of Chromewaves to tell us his favorite up-and-coming Toronto bands. He’s our featured interview on the Cafe this Wednesday, and all week long we’ll bring you music from each band – beginning today with Fresh Snow.

Yang describes the instrumental four-piece as sitting at the crossroads of psychedelic, Kraut and post-rock music. The group began by simply getting together and jamming on expansive drone pieces. “But they’re such good musicians and songwriters that it couldn’t help but start coalescing into something more broadcastable to the world at large,” Yang says.

Depending on who you ask, their new album I is either the letter of the alphabet or the Roman numeral one, and even though Yang admits that his description of the band might sound somewhat pigeonholed, its sound is rather varied. 

“It can get very pop at moments, there’s some horn flourishes on there,” Yang says. “[The album is] rough as far as  capturing what they’re about, but there’s so much going on that it’s exciting to speculate as to where it will go.”

Download Fresh Snow’s song “Helix Pass” below.