Frank Yang of the Chromewaves blog shared his favorite up-and-coming Toronto bands with us, and our series of free downloads from those bands continues today with PUP.

“They spell their name in all caps,” Yang told us. “I don’t know if that means you’re supposed to shout it. I’m not going to.”

The four-piece band – formerly called Topanga after the Boy Meets World character – is known for its energetic live shows, and recently released its self-titled album. Yang describes it as pop punk, but without the suburban mall baggage that style tends to bring.

“There’s no Blink 182-ness, no sophomoric shenanigans,” Yang says. “It’s melodic, loud, fast, aggressive.”

He says it recalls fellow Torontonians F’ed Up, where the music is extremely hard-hitting, but with enough melody “that it could cross over from the subgenre in which it might be otherwise crammed.”

“It’s just good rock music in a style that people may be biased against, but shouldn’t be,” Yang says. Download “Reservoir” below.