We have taken 8 previous World Cafe Sense of Place trips including our latest to Detroit just a couple of weeks ago. But now for the first time you can follow along in real time. We’ll be posting photos, videos and everything but smellovision here and on Twitter and on our new Instagram. Not to mention in depth posts on Facebook; follow along at #senseofplace. We have interviews lined up with Brendan Canning, Ron Sexsmith, the band MemoryHouse and much more. We’ll visit clubs, Toronto’s amazing neighborhoods and eat food from all over the globe. We’ll get a musician’s eye view of Toronto.

We’ll also talk with Jian Gomeshi who some of you may remember from Moxy Fruvous. Now he is the host of the immensely popular CBC show Q.

Our first Sense of Place on the radio is next Wed. Nov. 6 with the charming Basia Bulat. So come along on our trip!