(Last Photo: David Dye (left) & Matt King (right)

World Cafe: Sense of Place – LA

A Tour of Jim Morrison’s Love Street Home

During World Cafe’s visit to Los Angeles we had the opportunity to meet Matt King,  the current owner of Jim Morrison’s home in Laurel Canyon. Ironically, King’s company, Qello Concerts and The Doors just announced The Doors Digital Festival, including a 1968 concert at The Hollywood Bowl and The Story of LA Woman that you can stream anytime, from any device! They are making one free each weekend for the next 8 weeks!

Matt opened his doors with open arms and gave us an inside look into Morrison’s world while living there. He was able to save some artifacts (seen above) from Jim’s time at the home, including preservation of the original shower left behind from Jim’s stay.

It’s unclear of the exact time Morrison resided in the home, but it’s believed that he was lived here with his girlfriend Pamela Courson at the height of The Doors fame during parts of 67-68 (approx).