“Musical Differences” leads Dawes Keyboardist, Tay Strathairn to leave the band mid-tour.  

A message many Dawes fans were both surprised and sad to see when scrolling through their Facebook timeline yesterday:

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After many great years, due to musical differences, Dawes and Tay Strathairn have come to the difficult decision to part…

Posted by Dawes on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ironically, the announcement comes only 11 after Dawes released an official music video for “All Your Favorite Bands” that includes the lyrics “I hope all you favorite bands stay together.”  But have no fear, even though they are mid tour, it’s not stopping remaining members Gelber (bass), Betts (guitar) and the Goldsmith brothers (drums/guitar/vocals) from finishing the tour with their fearless leader Taylor Goldsmith filling in on keys in select parts of their performances.

Strathairn briefly left the band one time in the past to perform with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and was temporarily replaced by Alex Casnoff (currently of the Los Angeles band Harriet).  

Miss their World Cafe Session? Look back and check out Straithairn performing with the band in our studio below!