After our late arrival in the YYZ we started with lunch at Sky Blue Sky, the Wilco-themed sandwich shop. Do you choose by song name or by what the heck is in the sandwich? Went with the Bull Black Nova, although She’s a Jar was tempting.

Then on to our extremely welcoming and hilarious interview with Jeffrey Remidios and Kevin Drew of Arts and Crafts. The label and management company just celebrated their 10th anniversary with successes like Stars, Feist and of course Broken Social Scene. The didn’t just finish each others sentences, they did a stereo dialogue — extremely excited about the city. Lot’s of great ideas; we are headed to The Communist’s Daughter for a drink at Kevin’s insistence.

Next up Michael Hollett, the founder of Now Magazine and running it and The NXNE Festival for 32 years and 20 years respectively. NXNE is like SXSW but serves local Toronto and Canadian bands- of which there are thousands- much better. He added a couple of stops to our itinerary including The Cameron House kind of a Toronto Chelsea Hotel but with more art.

Tonight we record the buzz band July Talk for World Cafe Next. We’ll post a video as soon as we can.