World Cafe Playlist: 12/10/15

We continue Sense Of Place Minneapolis week with tunes & interviews about The Replacements, plus songs from Husker Du, Suicide Commandos, Soul Asylum, a session with Low + more! 

*Bob Dylan – “Shelter from the Storm” – Blood on the Tracks
Soul Asylum – “Runaway Train” – Grave Dancers Union
The Jayhawks – “Tailspin” – Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Golden Smog – “You Make It Easy” – Another Fine Day

Sense Of Place Minneapolis Guest: Low
Low – “What Part of Me” – Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Low – “Lies” – Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Low – “Into You” – Recorded Live for the World Cafe

Prince – “Purple Rain” – Purple Rain
The Time – “Jungle Love” – The Time

Hour Two
*The Hold Steady – “Southtown Girls” – Boys and Girls in America
Fury Things – “Some Things” – Split EP

Sense Of Place Minneapolis: Peter Jesperson on The Replacements & Twin Tone Records
The Suburbs – “Music for Boys” – Credit In Heaven
Spooks – “Scum of the Earth” – 1980-1990
Husker Du – “Statues” – 7" – single
The Replacements – “Johnny’s Gonna Die” – Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash
Suicide Commandos – “Complicated Fun” – Big Hits of Mid-America Vol. 3

Sense Of Place Minneapolis: Tommy Stinson on the Replacements
Tommy Stinson – “Breathing Room” – L.M.A.O.

Final Vinyl
John Koerner and Willie Murphy – “I Ain’t Blue” – Running Jumping Standing Still