World Cafe Playlist for 06/22/2023

Adeem The Artist on World Cafe with Stephen Kallao

Adeem The Artist is a queer, non-binary artist, who, on their latest album White Trash Revelry, examines country music and its southern roots, while asking big questions about privilege, race and toxic masculinity. In this session, Adeem talks about the message of White Trash Revelry and how songwriters like John Prine helped rekindle their love of country music.

Listen to the session here.

Today’s Playlist
Sunny War “No Reason” Anarchist Gospel
Aretha Franklin “Since you’ve Been Gone(Sweet Sweet Baby)'” Aretha’s Gold
Adeem The Artist “For Judas” Recorded Live for The World Cafe
John Prine “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore” John Prine
Adeem The Artist “Heritage of Arrgoance” White Trash Revelry
Adeem The Artist “Painkillers and Magic” Recorded Live for The World Cafe
Mt. Joy “Astrovan” Mt. Joy
Crash Test Dummies “Superman’s Gone” The Ghosts That Haunt Me
Kathleen Edwards “I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory” Asking For Flowers
Cat Clyde “Mystic Light” Down Rounder
Grateful Dead “Scarlet Begonias” From The Mars Hotel

Hour Two
The National “New Order T-Shirt” First Two Pages Of Frankenstein
Bailen “Call It Like It Is” Tired Hearts
U2 “Lemon” Zooropa
The Killers “Somebody Told Me” Hot Fuss
St. Vincent “Digital Witness ” St. Vincent
boygenius “Not Strong Enough” The Record
Radiohead “All I Need” In Rainbows
Dave Matthews Band “Madman’s Eyes” Walk Around The Moon
Santana “Love Of My Life (ft.Dave Matthews Band)” Supernatural
Sade “Kiss Of Life” Love Deluxe
The Kinks “Stop Your Sobbing” Kinks
Sharon Van Etten “Comeback Kid” Remind Me Tomorrow