Yesterday blogger Frank Yang of Chromewaves introduced us to five up-and-coming Toronto bands on his World Cafe interview. All week, we’re bringing you free downloads from those bands, continuing today with dreampop shoegaze outfit Beliefs. As a devotee of the swirling guitars and dreamy vocals of 90s shoegaze, Yang says this band is “very much in my wheelhouse.”

The duo of Josh Korody and Jesse Crowe formed in 2011 and have steadily trickled music online in the form of EPs and digital singles. Yang says their attention to songcraft is what makes them stand out from the pack of other modern shoegaze acts.

“A lot of bands who cite that as an influence these days go for ‘We have to be as loud as possible, step on as many pedals as possible and just bludgeon [the listener] because its fun for us,’” Yang says. “[Beliefs] remember that the best thing bout those bands was the songs. They had the melodies underneath all the effects. Its quite surprising how well they capture that experience.”

The song Yang spotlighted is “Catch my Breath”; he likens it to “Ride crossed with Slowdive, which just gets me right here.”

Listen to the song via Bandcamp below, and right-click to download it here.

Catch My Breath / Violets by Beliefs