Our look at up-and-coming Toronto bands care of blogger Frank Yang of Chromewaves continues this week with the spunky indie-pop four piece The Elwins.

The band has been active since about 2008, and considering how the bandmates are all under 25 (“ridiculously young” as Yang puts it), they have had a productive run. Their Bandcamp page boasts eight EPs and singles in addition to their 2012 LP And I Thank You, and they’ve toured both North America and Europe. “They’re some of the hardest workers freshest faces and the nicest people you’re going to meet,” Yang says. “And they have almost unsettling pop instincts.”

The band writes guitar-driven indie pop and Yang compares its high-energy vibe to a young Teenage Fanclub. “It captures youth, it sounds like youth,” he says. “Their shows are singalongs. It might come along hackneyed if it wasn’t so genuine. They sell it really well, and you can’t argue with the songs. They’re so full of focus it’s frightening.”

Download “Stuck in the Middle” from The Elwins below.